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How it all came together....

Hello I'm Janelle,


My creative passion has always been an integral part of my identity. Until one day grief showed up in my life. I started doing artwork whatever I can get my hands-on canvas and a paintbrush. It was the therapeutic outlet. I needed to heal my heartspace. Over the years, I've found that my creative pursuits has become a powerful tool for me to connect with my emotions and thoughts, offering a deeper level of strength for self-healing, self-discovery, self love. 


In 2019,After speaking with my cousin on the phone one day concerning matters of the heart. I had a vision of a heart trim in gold, and bright white light represents anglelic protection, I told her I was gonna send her a gift A painting of what I had invisivisioned during our conversation. The art piece brought tears to my eyes while painting it. When she received her art piece gift It brought her to tear of joy. Which inspired me to start Lov'inherArtWork  “The Most Beautiful Heart Collection”.

2014, My Mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack. 2018, Caring for my father who has heart issues blind.  2019, my grandmother pass away of cancer and heart conditions.  My heart felt deeply sadness that I owed it to myself to be accountable and honest that if I'm going to heal I need to do it all the way, and the same goes for my heart. Our hearts Is the very vital Intricate to our very existence and that everything flows from our hearts there are spiritual angelic forces that protect all of us who believe, and when life happens and we experience, emotional wounds, betrayal, anxiety, grief, fear, pain, death. The heart will heal but it takes work.

Lovin'HerArtWork started with a vision, paint brush, and canvas. healing my heart which turn into conduit of artwork which is making a meaningful difference in my life and in the lives of others.


















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